1st Prize: $1000
2nd: $300
3rd: $100

4th-10th: 10 Free Rednex Downloads

+ All winners will get a dinner, show & backstage with REDNEX


1. Make Your Video

You video can be about anything you want. Make as many as you like.

The sound must be the chorus of Rednex - Manly Man. Download it here.

The last 3 seconds must include an info text about the contest. Download it here.

Be creative and daring! If you need help with ideas, here are some topics:  Manliness, excessive manly behavior, the opposite of manly behavior, someone trying to be manly but fails, world's most unfit or fit men, manly women, cooking mess, animals, creative dating, mocking politicians, redneck behavior, gym/bodybuilding, current news, cars & cruising, sexual oddities & herassment, weapons & tools, DIY mess, Fortnite dances, animated dances, video game sequences, blowing up stuff, creative dances, gender stereotypical relationships, cleaning, sport geeks, overconfident sports stars, play the song in awkward situations. 

Extra points for belly rubbing.

2. Post Your Video

Upload your video on as many social media sites as possible. Tag your friends and start the sharing frenzy. These 7 hashtags must be included:  #manlyman #manlymanvideos #manlymanchallenge #challenge #rednex #viral #fun #music .

3. Promote Your Video

The video with most views will likely win the contest. Promote it everywhere!

Email your link to us at home (at) or contact us on Facebook to let us know that you have entered the competition. You are not allowed to monetize your video.

We are counting views, shares & comments especially on You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

Follow the current Top 10 standings on this site. 

Check out the full version of Manly Man

REDNEX - MANLY MAN - The original official version.

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